The project was developed as part of the practical phase. The practical phase from 20. july until 27. september 2009 was dedicated to the development of object-oriented application to a microcontroller solution.

At first the background information which are necessary to solve the task are explained more detailed. After that the solution is described with his different phases. Afterwards the game instructions are shown and the game is explained more detailed. On the basis of class and sequence diagrams the realisation of the game is illustrated. At last it is shown how the program is burned on the microcontroller with the software.

Structure of the project work:
  • Theoretical bases
    • UML - Unified Modeling Language
    • Object orientation
    • Microcontroller

  • Analysis and design
    • System analysis
    • Abstract of the system structure
    • Abstract of the system performance

  • Realisation
    • Implementation of the system structure
    • Implementation of the system performance
    • Programming and testing

  • Summarisation
Description of the game:
In the bottom picture you see how the game is built. The ball moves in zigzag without the control of the player from a defined start position. If the ball touches the left, the top or the right frame then he ball is also repelled in zigzag. At the bottom frame the racket is moving horizontally. With this the player try to prevent that the ball leaves the playing field on the bottom. The ball moves with a constant tempo. But the racket moves faster than the ball. At each coincidence of the racket the points will be increased by one. If the ball moves through the bottom limit of the playing field the points are shown on the LC display.

Source code:


You can download the project incl. source code as pdf:

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