Example of use myEthernet: Shared RAM


The myEthernet has a 4 kB big SRAM. A part of it can be reserved as RAM. This happens via the configuration file of the myEthernet which is on the SD-card.
This shared RAM is a memory area in which the myEthernet can save data. The myEthernet can also display data from the shared RAM on a HTML-page. Furthermore devices which are connected with the myEthernet can write data in the shared RAM of the myEthernet and read the data from him. This happens via TWI.
In this example the myEthernet should write the characters 'W', 'o', 'r', 'l', 'd' in the shared RAM. At the same time the content of the shared is displayed in different ways.

We wish you much success and fun while learning and experimenting.

Your myAVR team

Example of use myEthernet: Shared RAM

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