Example of use myEthernet: Output of information


    The myEthernet is an extreme compact network solution. With that you can realize an embedded web server. The module has an own MAC address and is used as interface between a microcontroller and the network or it can also perform measured and control tasks. The module is reachable in the nework over his own IP address everytime.

    The following example describes how you can display the information of the web server on a htm-page (IP address, MAC address, subnet mask and the port on which the web server runs).

    With you can display the information about the myEthernet.
    As parameter you can take:
    i => displays the IP address
    n => displays the network mask / subnet
    m => displays the MAC address
    p => displays the web server port
    v => displays the firmware version
    t => displays the system time since the start in seconds

Required hardware


    Step 1:
    Create a HTM-file with the name info.htm.

    Step 2:
    Write the source code in the htm-file.

    Step 3:
    Copy the file on the microSD-card.

    Step 4:
    Insert the microSD-card in the myEthernet, connect the power supply on the myEthernet and connect it via the network cable with a PC.

    Step 5:
    Open a page in a web browser. Write in the address line the IP address and the name of the htm-file e.g.

    On the website you see the information about the web server. In this example you see the IP address, the MAC address, the subnet mask and the port.


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