myAVR Traffic light project


This example of use describes the building of a traffic light crossroads with help of the myAVR prototyping board A and the mySmartControl M8. The traffic light is switched alternately. We introduce two variants of the project building:
  1. Project building with picture
  2. Project building without picture (technical)
When you do the project building with picture then you have to put a picture on the prototyping board A before the assembling. The picture is included in the project description where you can cut it out. Important by this variant is that you have to solder on the components on the backside of the prototyping board A which is untypical.

You can also do the project building without the picture.
Picture to cut out and fix it on the myAVR prototyping board A
Picture to cut out and fix it on the myAVR prototyping board A


You can download the complete project as pdf:

Shopping list:

You will need the following things for the mini project:

  • 1 mySmartControl M8 or M168 (
  • 1 myAVR prototyping board A (
  • 12 Resistors 1,2 kOhm (specialist shop)
  • 4 red LED (specialist shop)
  • 4 green LED (specialist shop)
  • 4 yellow LED (specialist shop)
  • Connection cable (patch cable) (
  • Brazing soldering equipment (

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