In this portal we provide projects with AVR microcontrollers. All projects are realized with myAVR products. The portal is designed to simulate the developments and give an overview what is possible to develop and program with myAVR products.

There are downloads and a shopping list in every project. Because of that you see what you need for the project at a glance. It is possible to download the whole project as a pdf-file.

To make this portal extensive and show projects in different application areas we would like to publish also your personally project or example of use which you have developed with myAVR products. You can send us your project with pictures and a small description to

Project "myTinyProg":
The project myTinyProg describes a possibility to use the learn and experimental system myAVR as a comfortable serial AVR910-programmer for AVR tiny controller. The base is a labour card A and some components like a DIP8 socket, a quartz and two ceramic capacitors.

to the project "myTinyProg MK1 LPT"

to the project "myTinyProg MK2 USB"

Example of use LED Matrix on the mySmartControl
A LED matrix can be easily self-build by putting some LEDs on a labour card and connect it to a mySmartControl. You can also program it via the mySmartControl.

to the example of use

myAVR Running light
This example of use describes the building of a running light. This project is made with a myAVR prototyping board A and a mySmartControl M8.
myAVR Running light
to the myAVR Running light

myAVR Pedestrian light
This example of use describes the building of a pedestrian light which is set via button. The project is realised with the myAVR prototyping board A und eines mySmartControl M8.

myAVR Pedestrian light
to the myAVR Pedestrian light

myAVR Traffic light project
The traffic light project describes the building of a crossroads with help of the Das myAVR Ampelprojekt beschreibt den Aufbau einer Ampelkreuzung mit Hilfe der myAVR prototyping board A and a mySmartControl M8. The traffic light is switched automatically.

to the myAVR Traffic light project

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mySmartUSB light

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